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  1. Can I print on both sides of my cards?

    The products that are marked double sided on the packaging can be printed on both sides.

  2. Can I print to the edge on Avery Business Cards?

    If you would like to print an entire image on your business cards, we suggest you use products with 8 cards per sheet.


  1. What’s the difference between ReadyIndex™ and IndexMaker™ dividers?

    - ReadyIndex Dividers are ideal for documents that are regularly used and referenced often. The product features a printable table of contents page which can be created using easy to use software and templates. The dividers also come with pre-printed numbered tabs for fast reference. - IndexMaker Dividers are ideal for presentations and proposals that require a professional finish. The product allows you to print your table of contents page and your label tabs. IndexMaker Dividers with Easy Apply Labels allows you to label all your divider tabs at once, saving you time.

  2. What does Easy Apply™ mean?

    Easy Apply refers to the innovative and time saving tab labelling system for the IndexMaker Divider range, which allows all tabs to be labelled at once. This unique feature saves you time and is perfect when preparing lots of documents for presentations, conferences and meetings.


  1. You have so many different products. How do I find the one that is right for my need?

    1. First you need to know what you want to do with the label. Select the type of Avery label required by its application. Each label pack is colour coded to identify the product use: Mailing Labels (Magenta stripe), Filing Labels (orange stripe), Media Labels (green stripe) and Identification Labels (yellow stripe). 2. Select either laser or inkjet labels, depending on the printer to be used. This technology information is clearly printed in large font as the key information on the pack labels. 3. Use the pack label to select the size and number of labels you require. 4. If you have used Avery products before, the product and software codes might help you to get the same product again. The software and reorder codes are clearly listed on the pack labels for the next label order or print job. The software code also ensures fast and easy finding of templates in Microsoft Word or other software programmes.

  2. What product should I use when labelling the jams I make and give away to my family?

    We recommend using our Durable Heavy Duty Labels whenever you need labels that are more durable than normal paper labels. These labels have a stronger adhesive, so can be used for labelling things that will be refrigerated or frozen – beer, or jam, or pesto – whatever you fancy!


  1. On what material can I use the Avery Fabric Name Badge Labels?

    Avery Fabric Laser Name Badges should not be used on leather, suede, velvet and silk. These labels can be applied and then removed from most other fabrics.

  2. Can I print a laser printer product with an inkjet printer?

    If the product package is labelled

  3. What is the shelf life of your labels?

    This can vary greatly depending on the environmental conditions they have been exposed to (e.g. heat, humidity etc). To achieve optimal results we recommend you use products that have been stored under normal conditions and have been on shelf no longer than approximately 2 years. Life span of a label once applied is much different and again, depending on the environmental conditions and the specific label type, can be up to 10-15 years and above.

  4. What type of label adhesive is used for laser labels?

    Different adhesives are used to enable different functionalities. Our labels have adhesives to achieve permanent application, removable application, durability and environmental friendliness. If you need technical specifications please contact our Consumer Service Centre on 1800 644 353.

  5. Can I use a CD label on a DVD?

    DVDs are much more sensitive than CDs as they store more data on them, and the data is stored much closer together. Imbalanced discs make them unreadable by your CD or DVD player. We recommend that you use a DVD-specific label for your DVDs as the labels are made using a film based material rather than paper, which helps prevent imbalance problems caused by varying moisture content (e.g. if the disc is left in a high heat, or high humidity environment).