Letter Tray - DTR Eco 270 x 60 x 360 mm, blue, Polystyrene

Content10 Sets
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  • Unique stacking system, trays can be stacked using risers (available separately).
  • Self-stacked straight or staggered, as well as stacking in reverse or at 90º
  • Angled base to keep papers and files safe
  • Scooped front of the tray allows easy retrieval of papers or files.
  • Made from 97% recycled plastic


Never let mail or important internal documents go astray. There’s no need to leave mail on people’s desks, just slot it into the letter tray so everyone can have a tidy desk. These blue letter trays are part of the Avery DTR ECO Desktop Range, made from sturdy blue 96% recycled plastic. With their versatile stacking system using risers (sold separately), they also stack in reverse at 90° making them a perfect fit for your workspace. Ideal for organising your paperwork and files.


Dimensions270 x 60 x 360 mm
Content10 Sets
Made fromPolystyrene
Eco-friendlyPVC-free, Made from recycled material, Recyclable

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