Ultra Heavy Duty Labels 57 x 99 mm, All printer types, permanent

Content500 Labels / 50 Sheet
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  • Conformable, waterproof and durable material that is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, UV, water, tearing and extreme temperatures.
  • Approved for Chemical Hazard Labelling (BS5609 Part 2 certified)
  • Specifically designed for labelling strongly curved, rough, dusty or oily surfaces, rubber and chemical containers.
  • Works on metal, plastic, painted surfaces, fibre, polycarbonate, glass and more.
  • Supported by FREE specialist Avery GHS software


Avery Ultra Heavy Duty Labels are made from a durable and waterproof foil material with extra strong adhesive making them suitable for safe and permanent marking even outdoors in wind and rain. Ideal for outdoor storage use, the white label material is BS5609 Part 2 certified for label and adhesive durability for at least 90 days in seawater and is approved by the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), chemical hazard labelling for marking of chemicals for transport by sea/air. Being resistant to chemicals, abrasion, UV, water, tearing and extreme temperature changes from -40°C to + 150°C, these are the ultimate choice for industrial labelling of containers such as drums, jugs, bottle, cans, flask and dropper bottles and beakers.
The labels in a size of 99.1 x 57mm with 10 labels per sheet can be printed on all popular colour laser printers and copiers. And designing and printing your labels is easy with our free template software Avery Design & Print. Take advantage of our ready-to-use templates or design your GHS labels step-by-step with the Avery GHS wizard. You can easily customise your labels too with your company logo, lot numbers, barcode or other information and update as needed.


Dimensions57 x 99 mm
Content500 Labels / 50 Sheet
Printer typeAll printer types
Software CodeB7173
Adhesive Typepermanent
Colourwhite, matt
Made fromTeslin

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