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This can vary greatly depending on the environmental conditions they have been exposed to (e.g. heat, humidity etc). To achieve optimal results we recommend you use products that have been stored under normal conditions and have been on shelf no longer than approximately 2 years. Life span of a label once applied is much different and again, depending on the environmental conditions and the specific label type, can be up to 10-15 years and above.

We sell our products through our distributors.

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Avery Fabric Laser Name Badges should not be used on leather, suede, velvet and silk. These labels can be applied and then removed from most other fabrics.

Different adhesives are used to enable different functionalities. Our labels have adhesives to achieve permanent application, removable application, durability and environmental friendliness. If you need technical specifications please contact our Consumer Service Centre on 8004211


DVDs are much more sensitive than CDs as they store more data on them, and the data is stored much closer together. Imbalanced discs make them unreadable by your CD or DVD player. We recommend that you use a DVD-specific label for your DVDs as the labels are made using a film based material rather than paper, which helps prevent imbalance problems caused by varying moisture content (e.g. if the disc is left in a high heat, or high humidity environment).

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