Create QR and Barcodes for free

Using Avery Design & Print

Design & Print is Avery’s free software that contains all our printable products’ templates. As well as basic text and image tools, it also contains a free barcode generator, which allows you to create EAN, QR codes and over 15 other code types.

Read our step by step guide below to find out how to get started with this clever barcode creator tool.

Prefer to watch a demonstration?
How to create Barcodes-Video
Software barcode generator
Open Design & Print

Open Design & Print

To use the web version of Design & Print go to and click the blue Start button to open.

Find your Avery product

Find your Avery product

The fastest way to find a template is to enter your product's software code in the Quick Search box. You can also search by product description, click on the column headings to sort by size, product description, colour or layout.

Click the green Select this Product button to move forward.

Choose your template design

Choose your template design

On the Choose Design tab, you will find the blank and pre-designed templates available for your chosen Avery product. You can narrow your choice by selecting a design category from the list on the left.

Click on the design you’d like to customise and a green Select this design button will appear. Click that button to continue.

Customise your label

Customise your label

You are now on the Customise Screen, where you can edit and personalise your product.  On the left hand side of the screen are your item tools.  This is where you can choose to add text, images and other objects to your design.

When you select a tool an additional set of options will appear. There will be different options, depending if you select Text, Image or Shape.

Select your Barcode Type

Select your Barcode Type

When you are ready to add your barcode, click the QR and Barcodes icon on the left hand side.  From the toolbar that appears, you can then select which barcode type you would like to create from the drop down list.

Once you have selected the barcode type, click on either:

  • Create to generate a single barcode from a code that you have or
  • Merge if you would like to generate a number of barcodes from an excel list of code numbers.
Create a single barcode - Input your code number

a) Create a single barcode - Input your code number

If you have clicked Create, the above screen will appear. Enter your barcode’s number into the box and press the green refresh arrow to see your generated barcode.  Then click Finish.

Please note: Avery are not barcode experts; we offer free software which will turn barcode numbers into scannable barcodes.  We recommend that you obtain barcode requirements from the appropriate authorities to ensure you are creating the barcode to specification.

Create multiple barcodes using our Merge Feature

b) Create multiple barcodes using our Merge Feature

Our Barcode Merge tool is incredibly useful, but might be easier to explain via video demonstration. Click to view How to Upload Multiple Barcodes in Design & Print

If you clicked to provide your barcode data by Spreadsheet, you will be asked to browse for your barcode file on your computer. Once selected, you will be taken to the above screen to select which information from your spreadsheet you would like to add to your barcode.  Only tick the column with the barcode numbers/URLs , then click Next.

Merge your barcodes to your label

b ii) Merge your barcodes to your label

On the next screen, your barcodes field will be on the left. Drag and drop this to the box in the middle of the screen to add your fields to design. Click Finish to see the merged labels on the design canvas.

Test, Save and Print

Test, Save and Print

Test Your Barcode: Using a barcode scanner (you’ll find several free barcode scanner/reader apps available for download right to your smartphone), point it at the barcode on your screen to make sure it works.

When you’re happy with all of your labels, click Save and choose to save your labels to your Avery Account (so that you can access it from any computer connected to the Internet) or to your computer.  

Once saved, click Print and Design & Print will generate a PDF. You can now print directly onto your labels or save your PDF to print later.

Need some more help?

Need some more help?

If you would like some more help with using the Merge Function in Design & Print, click to see our detailed How to Use Mail Merge Step by Step.

Alternatively, we also have a dedicated help video on barcode creation, which you can view.

In addition, our consumer center is always on hand to help if you get stuck:
00971 4 3470990