Privacy Policy

Avery protects its consumers' right to privacy. The following guidelines outline fair and appropriate handling of all consumer information passed through this Web site.

Avery Consumer Privacy Policy Guidelines

We at Avery value our consumers and take great pride in assuring that their privacy is maintained. With electronic mail, Internet, and other online resources growing exponentially, it is important that we maintain an environment where our consumers feel comfortable that the information they provide us will not be misused.
This protection of consumer privacy is best achieved through cooperation between the business community, customers, service providers, government agencies, and information collectors. We at Avery believe every consumer should be able to conduct business with us without having their personal information used for unrelated purposes.

This document provides guidelines that Avery uses to ensure proper handling of all consumer information.

Opt-Out Process

We believe our consumers should have the right to decline disclosure of personal information that is collected on our databases. The records for those individuals who request that their personal information not be used for future mailings or phone calls will be marked in our database so that their names will be excluded from any contact in the future.

Currently, we mark consumer records in two ways:

Do not mail excludes the consumer's name from our direct mail campaigns

Do not call indicates that the consumer does not wish to receive any phone communication (i.e., phone research or telemarketing campaigns) from Avery.

Consumers can request removal of their name and consumer information by the following methods:

Writing to Avery Consumer Service Centre - Middle East with the request:

Avery Products Middle East
Al Quoz# 3
P.O.Box 26659
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Calling the Avery Consumer Service Centre, Sunday to Thursday between the hours of 9am - 6pm ,  Ph:+971 4 3470798 
Sending an e-mail to

Office will remain closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Avery Consumer Information Sources
Avery's consumer information is collected when consumers:

  • Call Avery Consumer Service Center (CSC). When consumers call the CSC, we might ask for their names, address, phone number, and other consumer profile information that helps us better serve their needs in the future. Consumer information is collected only if the consumer has given us permission to do so. This information helps facilitate communication with our consumers by allowing us to quickly and efficiently identify the consumer.
  • Respond to various marketing campaigns (i.e., advertisements, business reply cards, offers, etc.). This consumer information collected is completely voluntary. In most cases, consumers are given a choice to have their names removed by checking the appropriate box on the questionnaire.
  • Visit the Avery® products Web site ( Consumers might be asked to respond to survey questionnaires or to register to receive future mailings and product updates. Consumers might also be asked to provide consumer information before downloading Avery brand software products.

Types of Information

The consumer information we collect allows us to better understand our consumers and their product and service preferences. Consumer profiles help us develop products and programs which meet our consumers' needs. The typical consumer profile information collected is: name and postal address, phone or fax number, types of printers used, job title, Avery brand product usage, and stores or dealers used to purchase Avery products.

Avery Brand Online Services

Avery Worldwide Office Products' consumer Web site is Consumers that visit our site can preview product information, locate dealers, and download software templates. From time to time, we ask our consumers to respond to surveys or questionnaires, to register to receive future mailings or product updates, or to download Avery software products.

Information collected about a consumer may include:

  • Contact or locator information (such as name, postal, and email addresses);
  • Navigational information (such as data revealing consumers' preferences or the choices they make among the range of products, services, or sites);
  • Other consumer profile information that helps us better target our products and services.

Uses of Consumer Information

Consumer information may be used for various research projects aimed to better understand Avery products consumer preferences. The data may be used to evaluate consumer reactions to content, products, and services offered online. It may also include using the consumer's name and address for direct mail or other consumer communication methods.

On occasion, we may also disclose names and information collected to approved firms that conduct market research for Avery or to companies that do joint promotional activities with Avery. Those consumers who have requested removal of their name and consumer information will not be contacted.

Email Processes

We would only use online email communication with consumers who have given us permission to do so. When used, we will provide our consumers a mechanism through which they can request that Avery omit their email addresses from lists or databases. We will always provide our consumers with an email address, postal address, and telephone number at which we can be contacted.