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Create personalised projects with a little help from Avery

Whether you're looking to throw a party, personalize a gift, or organize your household, we've got tons of fun ideas to spark your imagination. With a little creativity and a few of our products, you'll be amazed at what you can do.

Home and Events
Easter Gift main image
Check out easy and unique DIY Easter basket ideas.
Mother's Day main image
3 Easy Mother's Day gifts Kids Can Make at Home
Christmas Apron 1
Easy, personalised gifts to create at home for budding bakers!
Jewelry cards
Tips and Ideas to create your own display cards for earrings, necklaces, enamel pins, hair bows, and more.
Labelled Kit
A back-to-school prep list for both in-class and at-home learning.
Package unboxing
4 ways to add excitement to your customers' unboxing experience.
Bride tribe
View our tips on how to make the most of Avery Fabric Transfers using Avery Design & Print
EID Mubarak labels
Check out these easy DIY ideas from Avery to set your home with Eid decorations.
Chalkboard Labels in kitchen
Ideas and tips to make your kitchen clutter-free.
Hide and go peek
Here are some ideas and tips to help make learning more engaging and fun.
Home Schooling Blog
Ideas and tips to stay creative and bring a little more structure and order to home schooling.
DIY Craft with kids
Check out our DIY crafts that you can try with your kids at home.
Wedding favors
Add personal touch to your wedding favors using Avery
Personalised Valentine's day gifts
Make your own personalised Valentine's gifts to show how much you care.
Gift Wrapping
Create Mystery and Anticipation Through Festive Gift Wrapping
Gift Bundle Wedding
Give a gift to remember