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Marking product labels

Are you the owner of a small business and boiling with ideas?

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At Avery Zweckform, we offer everything you need to properly stand out from the competition. Choose the right product from a wide range of markings and design its appearance in our free Design and Print software. We can help you find the right solutions for various sales promotion methods: During Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, other peak sales periods or during special discount campaigns.

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Brown kraft marking labels

Brown recycled kraft labels

For natural-looking packaging

Are you selling eco-friendly products and want to customize the packaging to match the contents? Made from 100% recycled material, the labels will give your products an eco-friendly and natural look that especially appeals to customers who care about the environment or their health. Ideal for packaging containing organic food or natural cosmetics.

High-gloss labels

High-gloss labels

Material, providing intense colors and sharp image quality

High-gloss labels will make your products even more visible! With them, you can cover your product with particularly intense colors giving it a radiant look. This way you are able to really make your assortment stand out both on the shelves and in online stores.

Barcode or QR code labels

Barcode or QR code labels

Make the customer journey easier for your customers

You can use QR code labels to make it easier to reach a lot of the content your customers should. Code information about special offers or contests for people who have already purchased your product, and place the code to link relevant content online, In addition to such actions, you can also include information such as tips on how to use the product.

  • You can individually design your code with your logo, EAN code, etc.
  • Labels that perfectly cover dark and patterned surfaces
  • Easy printing with our free Avery Design & Print software

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105 x 57 mm
250 Labels / 25 Page
Inkjet, B/W Laser, Colour Laser
63.5 x 46.6 mm
150 Labels / 10 Page
99.1 x 139 mm
160 Labels / 40 Page
B/W Laser, Colour Laser
45 x 45 mm
Inkjet, B/W Laser, Colour Laser
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