Labels on small label sheet formats

Suitable for handwriting

Look around your office. You’ll probably be surrounded by files, shelves, letter trays, paper work, equipment and lots of other everyday office items.You want organise everything with the help of labels, but you don't have a printer? No problem! Just use our multipurpose labels for handwriting on small sheets and label them by hand. We have a choice of over 10 different formats and different pack sizes that will help you to plan efficient use for any kind of job: filing, pricing or labelling in general.

Labels in Flat packs

Computer Labels 5120

101.6 x 73.8 mm
2000 Labels / 1 Pack
Dot Matrix

Computer Labels 3635

88.9 x 35.7 mm
2000 Labels / 1 Pack
Dot Matrix

Computer Labels 3610

88.9 x 23 mm
2000 Labels / 1 Pack
Dot Matrix

Address Labels 3343

67 x 36 mm
420 Labels / 1 Page
Typewriter, handwriting

Self-laminating labels 60-124

assorted colours

CD Labels HCD01

Ø 117 mm

Address Labels HAL01

95 x 131 mm
Inkjet, handwriting

Multi-usage labels 3399

38 x 24 mm
522 Labels / 29 Page