16 Ultra Resistant Labels, 44 x 64 mm 44 x 64 mm, handwriting

  • Resistant to water, moisture, freezing and are hard-wearing
  • They stick permanently to a large number of surfaces
  • Great for storage boxes

Ultra Resistant Labels are part of our new Back to School range that are perfect for keeping busy families organised! These labels help identify all school and nursery items from uniform to shoes and lunchboxes to stationery. A lot of our team have kids and recognised that so often children lose things. Too often parents have to buy new belongings which can be costly. Naming items has traditionally been time-consuming, which is why these Avery labels can be handwritten on. Each item can literally be labelled in a matter of seconds.

Why do we love the product? These labels are ideal for identifying everything from notebooks to bicycles and skate boards

Dimensions44 x 64 mm
Printer typehandwriting
Colourblue, red, orange, green