UltraTabs, Polka Dot, Purple, Blue, Pink 51 x 38 mm, handwriting

  • Ultra-writable: the plastic tabs are covered with paper on both sides. It is possible to write with pens, pencils, markers and highlighters
  • Ultra-repositionable: the tabs adhere perfectly to the surfaces and are easy to remove
  • Ultra-versatile: ideal for organizing, locating and indexing notebooks, files, books, diaries, etc.
  • Ultra-transparent: The adhesive surface is transparent to read through
  • Set of 48 Design Tabs in Pink, Purple, Blue

We can all agree, when it comes to organising we start with the best intensions and end up filling short.. In life one tends to full under one of two categories: those who like to organise and those who like to be organised.
For the latter who would rather be organised, Ultratabs are a life saver! They are simple, quick and last. Spend 5 minutes labeling and save yourself a paniced hour later on. For those who like to organise, Ultra tabs smarten, structure, and inspire.
Why do we love this product? Easy, there are just so many uses! Whether you are a student who needs to organise their revision notes. To a parent planning out this weeks meals, these tabs help! We love that they cater to all the family and that one packs goes a long way!

Dimensions51 x 38 mm
Printer typehandwriting
Software Code74893