Antimicrobial Film Labels

Protect against the spread of bacteria and viruses

Introducing Avery Antimicrobial Film Labels. This transparent, self-adhesive antimicrobial film kills 99.9% of bacteria and microbes, and is effective against viruses*. This can be applied to many surfaces, including communal desks, touchscreen devices, door handles, door push plates, buttons, books, files and many more.

The label film provides 24/7 protection and lasts up to 5 years. This water and oil proof antimicrobial film is still effective even when wiped with cleaning chemicals.

Help protect your environment, save lives.

*Viruses (ISO 21702) Influenza A, and Human Coronavirus NL63

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Antimicrobial how it works

How does it work?

Our unique antimicrobial coating is independently certified to be 99.9% effective against bacteria, viruses and moulds, guaranteed for up to 5 years.

The active component in the product (which makes it antimicrobial) works by eradicating the conditions that bacteria and microbes need to survive and spread. It kills the bacteria by destabilising the cell membrane, stops respiration and inhibits cell division and blocks the replication of DNA.

Avery Antimicrobial Film Labels act as a complementary measure to routine cleaning by continuously killing microbial contaminants and resisting microbe growth.

For more information, please see our Antimicrobial Film Frequently Asked Questions

Avery Antimicrobial Film Labels - Removable Adhesive

Removable sheets (from A4 to A3 size) that can be cut to size

Avery Antimicrobial Film Labels - Permanent Adhesive

Permanent labels that can be cut to size and also pre-cut circles and squares, ideal for different sized buttons

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