Film labels vs paper labels

Facts and reasons of why it is worth using durable film labels!

TEST No. 1

Resistant to Water

Our Heavy Duty and Ultra Resistant series of film labels have been tested for resistance to water.

Polyester Heavy Duty labels are fully resistant to:

  • Rainfall and other atmospheric factors
  • full immersion in water for up to 3 months

The Ultra Resistant polyethylene labels have also been tested for seawater resistance. They can remain fully submerged in the sea for up to 3 months while maintaining full functionality.

TEST No. 2

Light and UV resistant!

Durable and durable foil labels from the Heavy Duty and Ultra Resistant series have also been tested in terms of resistance to light and UV rays and are resistant to:

  • Exposure to Sunlight, high temperatures and other weather factors,
  • They have been tested in a UV tester and are resistant to light for over 2 years
  • There’s no need to worry about cold weather or how your labels will last in the sun as this range is unaffected by temperature changes from -20°C to +80°C (white and yellow labels from the Heavy Duty series) and from -40 ° C to + 150 ° C (Silver and polyethylene labels).

TEST No. 3

Resistant to solvents and disinfectants!

Ultra Resistant polyethylene labels were originally designed for the chemical industry but can also be used for a wide range of labeling needs. Therefore, they are fully resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants. Perfect to create your GHS labels.

Polyester Heavy Duty labels have also been tested for chemical resistance. Our test confirms that they are resistant to many solvents and cleaning agents and that the labels remain fully legible and adhere perfectly to the covered surface.

TEST No. 4

Resistant to mechanical damage - tearing and scratches!

Our durable Film labels from the Heavy Duty series (white, silver and yellow) have also been tested for strength and tear resistance:

  • Polyester labels are fully tear-resistant
  • Durable coating of labels also protects them against mechanical damage, such as scratches.

Ultra Resistant polyethylene labels are also very durable, flexible and adapt perfectly to uneven and curved surfaces.

TEST No. 5

Resistant to grease, oil, and dirt!

The film labels from the Heavy Duty and Ultra Resistant series are durable and tough to resist oil, grease and other stubborn dirt and are fully resistant to:

  • Oil and Grease application
  • dirt and other external factors occurring in the open air or in tough production or warehouse conditions,
  • They can be cleaned with any chemicals.