Product and gift tags

We offer a wide selection of price tags, product tags and gift tags - in short: hanging tags for every occasion and every use!

Whether you want to beautifully decorate your gifts or professionally label your products, you'll find your perfect hang tag here. Discover a variety of materials and shapes to add a personal touch to the item you are marking. 

Product tags are also great for conveying important instructions and notes about a product's use or composition.


Product and gift tags

The series of self-printing tags from the Avery Zweckform range are ideal for product labeling, textile and merchandise marking in retail or personal use.

The labels are available in a variety of materials: 

  • cardboard with microperforated edges, 
  • cardboard with absolutely smooth edges of very high quality 
  • durable and waterproof foil tags, made in polyester.

The set includes strings - lines for hanging the label.

Explore our range of product tags:

Tags range

A wide range of materials and shapes of product hang tags:

Product and gift hang tags from Avery Zweckform are available in a variety of materials, so you have plenty of choice depending on your needs:

  • 185g white paperboard in fine and elegant micro-perforated versions can have versatile applications in the food industry, bottle and beverage labeling or for cosmetic products. 
  • Elegant premium hang tags made of 220g white cardboard with perfectly smooth edges will perfectly highlight the high quality of premium products.
  • The 190 µ or 270 µ thick foil hang tags are extremely durable and are also suitable for outdoor use, as they are resistant to water and weather conditions - including high and minus temperatures and UV radiation. They can withstand harsh conditions where they are exposed to tears and abrasion - great for industrial use and as car and engine hangers in auto repair shops.
Tags uses

All versions of product tags and gift tags can be printed on both sides. This allows you to include a lot of additional information on them such as.

  • Product composition
  • Instructions for use
  • Notes on special requirements of the product
  • Recommendations for use
  • Use-by dates
  • Information about the company or manufacturer
  • Promotions and special offers
  • Acknowledgements for using the company's services
  • Next service or maintenance appointments
  • Barcodes and QR codes redirecting to additional information about the company or product
  • The possibilities are endless...

Popular formats and shapes of gift and product tags:

185 g/m²
Inkjet, B/W Laser, Colour Laser
B/W Laser, Colour Laser
double sided print
clean edges
220 g/m²
B/W Laser, Colour Laser
B/W Laser, Colour Laser
double sided print
Design and print tags yourself!

Design and print tags yourself!

You can easily and quickly, design your own hang tags for bottles, beverages, gifts and more with our free Avery Design & Print Online software. We offer ready-made templates and tag designs.

Design product hang tags to perfectly match your offerings and provide your customers with all the information they need. You can put your logo on them if you have a business, as well as insert a barcode or QR code that will take the customer to additional information online.

In addition, you can also use images available in our gallery, or insert your own. There are many possibilities, allowing you to design elegant and practical tags in a modern and attractive form.

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