Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between ReadyIndex™ and IndexMaker™ dividers?

ReadyIndex Dividers are ideal for documents that are regularly used and referenced often. The product features a printable table of contents page which can be created using easy to use software and templates. The dividers also come with pre-printed numbered tabs for fast reference. - IndexMaker Dividers are ideal for presentations and proposals that require a professional finish. The product allows you to print your table of contents page and your label tabs. IndexMaker Dividers with Easy Apply Labels allows you to label all your divider tabs at once, saving you time.

What does Easy Apply™ mean?

Easy Apply refers to the innovative and time saving tab labelling system for the IndexMaker Divider range, which allows all tabs to be labelled at once. This unique feature saves you time and is perfect when preparing lots of documents for presentations, conferences and meetings.