GHS/Ultra Heavy Duty Labels

Highest durability and adhesive performance

Avery Ultra Heavy Duty Labels are excellent for applications where durability and water resistance is required. Also for containers with a tight radius (eg Test Tubes) where the conformability of the material combined with the strength of the adhesive makes this the ideal solution.

The material is BS5609 Part 2 (label & adhesive durability) certified and is approved for Chemical Hazard Labelling (GHS - labelling of chemicals for transport by sea/air).

Ultra Heavy Duty Labels

Ultra Resistant Labels B5274-50

52 x 74 mm
All printer types

Ultra Resistant Labels B7173-50

57 x 99 mm
All printer types

Ultra Resistant Labels B7169-50

99 x 139 mm
All printer types

Ultra Resistant Labels B3483-50

105 x 148 mm
All printer types

Ultra Resistant Labels B7651-50

38 x 21 mm
All printer types

Ultra Resistant Labels B7168-50

144 x 200 mm
All printer types

Ultra Resistant Labels B3427-50

74 x 105 mm
All printer types

Ultra Resistant Labels B7170-50

11 x 134 mm
All printer types