Motivation stickers Sun, Paper

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Content56 Sticker / 2 Page
  • Lovingly designed stickers for rewarding & motivation
  • Many different stickers & motifs per pack
  • Motivation stickers for kids starting school
  • Ideal for teachers, educators, trainers and parents
  • Tested by independent laboratories on a regular basis


Sunshine for every task done well! These stunning motivation stickers with cute sunny faces are for sure perfect to motivate your kids and pupils to do that little extra when studying, writing or reading. Simply stick the reward stickers into the exercise book, under a test or into the folder - next time the kids will be waiting for it. Ideal for parents and teachers, at home, in school or tutoring.
The stickers for decorating and hand crafting are made of embossed paper. Our Z Design stickers are made of top quality materials and are tested and confirmed by external laboratories on a regular basis. Enjoy decorating!


Made fromPaper
Adhesive Typepermanent
Colouryellow, orange, red, blue
Content56 Sticker / 2 Page