Stickers for Kids Police, Effect foil, Metal look

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Content16 Sticker / 1 Page
  • Great stickers with shiny, metallic effect
  • Lovingly designed for decorating and playing
  • Self-adhesive, childproof, no white edges
  • Various stickers & motifs per pack
  • Tested and confirmed by independent laboratories on a regular basis


Our amazing stickers shine extra colourful with the unusual silver metallic effect. This makes the police men and cars extra dazzling! Perfect for gift-giving, decorating, creating as well as playing and hand crafting with kids.
The self-adhesive stickers are made of printed transparency film leaving behind no white edges on coloured surfaces - stunning for decorating and hand crafting! Our Z Design stickers are made of top quality materials and are tested and confirmed by external laboratories on a regular basis. Enjoy decorating!


Made fromEffect foil
Surface (special feature)Metal look
Adhesive Typepermanent
Colourblue, grey, silver, black
Material propertieshandwriting
Content16 Sticker / 1 Page
CertificatesCertified Quality