Create a Conference That Will Be Remembered!

Make your next conference one to remember with a unique and professional experience for your guests with conference materials that make an impact.Ensuring your company logo or your event logo is visible at multiple touchpoints will improve the impact your event will have. But matching all your conference materials is hard, right? Nope! Not when you use Avery products and free software and templates.You can use the Avery Design & Print software to easily create matching materials, with text and imagery, and print directly from your desktop. You can even mail merge with your delegate list for name tags and delegate cards. Let your imagination run wild and quickly and easily create conference materials that will be remembered, not just thrown away.

hero_tent cards

Tent Cards

Avery tent cards can be used to allocate guest seating and brand your event. Perhaps you'd like to ensure certain customers are seated separately, or spread your staff across a variety of tables. When planning your event, consider what impact it will have if you manage the seating. For example, would strategically placing your staff with key guests mean new sales or relationship opportunities?

Name badges

Name Badges

Awkward encounters at conferences can be easily prevented by using Avery Name Badges.You can print names in large, bold type so they're easy to read, and include a company logo if you wish.

Avery Name Badge Labels are made from flexible acetate silk and stick and remove quickly and easily. There’s no need to insert a label in a plastic tag – just print and stick! Plus, the special silk ensures it can be used on most textiles and removed without leaving residue. They are great for when you know there will be precious clothing on display!

Printable Dividers

Printable Dividers

You'll have more chance of your delegates retaining and using your information if you've made it easy for them to access. Using dividers allows you to create useful sections within your materials that will enable your guests to quickly refer to information – now and in the future. The professional way to segment information is with customised tabs – you can visually match your other materials, and include section names tailored to your information. Avery IndexMaker™ Dividers with Easy Apply™ Label offer the perfect solution: easy printing using the Avery Design and Print Online software, plus faster labelling with the Easy Apply Labels. You can label all your tabs at once, saving you precious time before your event!

Conferences can be the breaking point for you and your company - look professional with Avery products. Next time you hold a conference, stun the crowd and wait for the compliments!

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