Health & Saftey labels

Health & Saftey

Durable foil labels for Health & safety warning signs

Health and Safety labels are an essential part of the label portfolio of many companies, as they help to ensure that staff remains safe throughout their time at work.

Our durable foil labels are perfect for corporate and outdoor warning signs and notices.

  • OHS information boards for offices, reception, and common areas
  • Warning labels for production and warehouse
  • Fire protection plates and signs for companies

Recommended products for Health & saftey warning labels:

Weatherproof film labels L6111-20

210 x 297 mm
20 Labels / 20 Page
B/W Laser, Copier

Ultra Resistant Outdoor Labels L7917-10

210 x 297 mm
10 Labels / 10 Page
Colour Laser, B/W Laser, Copier

NoPeel™ Labels L6145-20

45.7 x 25.4 mm
800 Labels / 20 Page
B/W Laser

Highly Adhesive Paper Labels L7877-20

210 x 297 mm
20 Labels / 20 Page
Inkjet, Colour Laser, B/W Laser, Copier