Laboratory and Health care labels

Laboratory and Health care labels

Durable foil labels for marking test tubes, drugs and medical equipment in hospitals, laboratories and other health care institutions.

Health care labels provide vital communication between patients and healthcare providers and play a crucial role in patient safety. Avery Zweckform offers the right solutions:

  • Lab labels ideal for labeling tubes with barcodes
  • Drug labels to create prescription and pharmacy stickers
  • Thermal foil labels made of waterproof polyester
  • Labels for marking medical equipment, containers and containers
  • Labels for chemicals and disinfectants
  • Online barcode generator
  • ADR Warning Sign Generator (GHS)

Recommended products for laboratory labels:

Ultra Resistant Outdoor Labels L7911-10

45.7 x 21.2 mm
480 Labels / 10 Page
Colour Laser, B/W Laser, Copier

Roll Labels A1976411

25 x 54 mm
160 Labels / 1 roll
Direct Thermal Printer

Weatherproof film labels L4773-20

63.5 x 33.9 mm
480 Labels / 20 Page
Colour Laser, B/W Laser, Copier

Weatherproof film labels L6107-20

99.1 x 42.3 mm
240 Labels / 20 Page
B/W Laser, Copier